Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time for Change

I really felt like I needed a change with my blog. When it was first created a few years ago it's focus was supposed to be all knitting, all the time. But as time and life have progressed there are things that I want to talk about and share that really aren't knitting related, I am interested in other things too you know! So I have decided to change the title of the blog to reflect that there is more to me, and going to be more to this blog than just my fantastic knitting! (hehe).

So if you will look above, you will see a new header, with a new blog title! It still depicts my love of Red Yarn, but hopefully also will show that this blog is about more than that. I also share parts of my life, family, and hopefully soon (if my craft room ever materializes!) other crafts! (Sewing...I'm talking about you!!!) I had contemplated moving the blog altogether to a new address, and starting over from scratch, but I didn't want to lose what few readers I already have. So here it is. Same blog, new spin. And now that I have actually figured out how to change the header!!!!!! perhaps you'll see a new header from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your new header. Is that Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple Red? How do you get your banner to come out perfectly sized?

    By the way, I like your cowl too. :-)

  2. Hi Shannon
    Nice change! I like it. I missed you prepping at work today. Chris just does not appreciate my knitting the same way (I didn't even bother showing him, I finished my Colonnade, now it's blocking).

    Have a good week! I work the weekend.
    See you soon!

  3. Aha! You are right crochetgurl! That's exactly what it is! I have a few ideas for some other headers as well...we'll see what time permits!

  4. Love the new header! I think it's a good change...I mean, knitting just gave us a reason to start blogging...then we found out there is so much more to blog about!

  5. I love your new blog! Very Lovely!

    I am with you on the sewing, I want to start sewing so badly but I am not very good, I need a beginner/basics class-like how to thread a bobbin and how to sew in a straight line-other than that I am good to go!